Overlap between Collectors of Generative Avatar NFTs

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Overlap between Collectors of Generative Avatar NFTs

Generative avatar NFT projects have been booming over the past two months. This week, investigated the overlap between collectors of six of the most popular avatar projects.

This breakdown was inspired by a super insightful thread @kaigani wrote on the topic.

There are 14,611 unique collector wallets across @BoredApeYC, @coolcatsnft, @GutterCatGang, @veefriends, @DeadHeadsNFT, and @WickedCraniums.

[1/6] BAYC

21% of the 4.7k BAYC holders also own a Cranium

15% own a Cool Cat

14% own a DeadHead

12% own a Gutter Cat

5% own a Veefriend

[2/6] VeeFriends

13% of the 4.5k VeeFriends holders also own a DeadHead

5% own a Bored Ape

2% own a Cranium

1% own a Cool Cat

1% own a Gutter Cat

[3/6] Wicked Craniums

30% of the 3.2k Cranium holders also own a Bored Ape

17% own a Cool Cat

17% own a DeadHead

14% own a Gutter Cat

3% own a Veefriend

[4/6] DeadHeads

23% of the 2.9k DeadHead holders also own a Bored Ape

21% own a Veefriend

19% own a Cranium

15% own a Cool Cat

10% own a Gutter Cat

[5/6] Cool Cats

26% of the 2.7k Cool Cat holders also own a Bored Ape

20% own a Cranium

15% own a DeadHead

11% own a Gutter Cat

2% own a Veefriend

[6/6] Gutter Cats

41% of the 1.4k Gutter Cat holders also own a Bored Ape

34% own a Cranium

22% own a Cool Cat

20% own a DeadHead

4% own a Veefriend

Bonus: The five collectors who held the greatest quantity of NFTs across these 6 projects were

[5] judith.eth

[4] 0x...90ef

[3] @Wyatt_Ape

[2] @Hojo282

[1] @garyvee


Collector stats are based on unique wallets. In reality, a collector can collect from multiple wallets which lowers the reliability of the count.


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