NFT Market Web Traffic Data πŸ“Š

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NFT Market Web Traffic Data πŸ“Š

I crunched the web traffic data of the most popular NFT marketplaces to find trends in user demographics, social media marketing performance and platform growth.

Here are 5 key insights I found πŸ‘‡

1/ Twitter reigns supreme as the best marketing channel in the NFT space.

Most of the traffic that is driven to NFT markets by social networks comes from Twitter.

Youtube came second.

There’s a lot less high-quality crypto content on Youtube.

Good opportunity for content creators to escape the threadooor rat race and dominate a less competitive crypto media channel.

2/ OpenSea has the highest web traffic of all the markets, with 28M monthly unique visits.

Magic Eden is second with 8.925M monthly unique.

Visitation has been dropping across the board as NFT trading volume has cooled down.

x2y2 had the lowest visitation despite commanding 36% of weekly NFT trading volume. This indicates that most trading on x2y2 is done through aggregators like Gem instead of directly on the x2y2 website.

3/ The userbase visiting NFT marketplaces skews male and young.

4/ There is a correlation between how many visitors an NFT marketplace has and what percentage of that traffic comes from mobile devices. 46% of the traffic to OpenSea is mobile.

Of course, correlation is not causation. But this indicates that a growing number of users want to interact with NFTs on mobile, and marketplaces should invest resources accordingly.

5/ Most of the web traffic to NFT marketplaces comes from the US.

Canada is second, followed by the UK, Turkey and India.


NFTs drive more web traffic than DeFi.

OpenSea currently has 10X more monthly unique visitors than Uniswap.

This isn't surprising. The number of unique wallets trading on OpenSea (380k this month) is higher than the number trading on Uniswap (232k this month).


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