The State of Decentraland

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The State of Decentraland

I crunched the data on the Decentraland virtual world. Here are 5 key insights I found 👇

[1/5] There are 4.7k unique holders of Decentraland land Parcels and Estates, 39.5k unique holders of Decentraland wearables and 11.4k unique holders of Decentraland names.


  • An Estate is a group of adjacent land Parcels that have been merged into a larger piece of land.
  • Decentraland names are ENS subdomains.

[2/5] MANA, the currency spent to buy land parcels, currently sits at $0.7 and has a market cap of $940M

[3/5] The Decentraland marketplace saw $1.2M in transaction volume in July.

[4/5] The floor price of a Decentraland land parcel is 1.17ETH ($3k) today.

[5/5] In July, Decentraland land parcels accounted for 55% of marketplace volume. Estates accounted for 44%. Wearables (in-game items) and names only accounted for 1%.

Bonus: Upcoming virtual worlds that I find interesting 👇

@TheTreeverse, a RuneScape style crypto game by our very own grand wizard @Loopify

@Nifty_Island, where every player gets an island to customize with NFTs and games, no land scarcity.


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