What does it takes to earn $100k from NFT art? Insights from crunching the data.

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What does it takes to earn $100k from NFT art? Insights from crunching the data.

I crunched the data on 100 artists who have earned $100k-$199k revenue in NFT sales to find out what they were creating, where they were selling and what scale of audience they had. Here are five key insights I found πŸ‘‡

[1/5] The most popular artistic medium amongst the $100k club is Animated 2D with 31.2% of creators using this format. 2D art without animation is a close second at 28.6%, followed by Animated 3D at 24.7% and static 3D at 15.6%.

[2/5] More than half of the artists $100K club sell on more than one platform, the average being two. SuperRare was the most popular amongst the sample group followed closely by MakersPlace.

[3/5] The median average sale price of artists in the $100k club is 1.033 ETH ($1,878.52 as of today).

[4/5] The average number of artworks sold by NFT the artists in the sample group is 114.

[5/5] How big of an audience do you need to build to make $100k as an NFT Artist? The answer isn't as large as you'd think. Artists in the $100k club who use twitter have an average audience size of 13,583.

Also, having a larger audience did not necessarily mean that artists could achieve a higher sales price per NFT. As the plot below shows having a significantly bigger audience did not have a proportionate effect on average sales price. Artists with smaller and perhaps more engaged audiences earned just as much, if not more, from each NFT as their more popular counterparts.


These stats include sales made on MakersPlace, KnownOrigin, Nifty Gateway, Foundation and Async Art. All the numbers are based on initial sales only, not the cut of secondary sales taken by the artists.


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