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Lens Protocol is a decentralised social graph. Anybody can build social media apps on top of Lens. User's profiles are linked to NFTs.

Here are 5 key insights ๐Ÿ‘‡

1/ The most popular time to engage (ie. make a post, comment or mirror) on Lens is 3pm UTC on Monday.

2/ Lenster, the most popular Lens client gets 81.5k monthly unique visitors. Visitation to the site has been growing through the bear market.

40% of the traffic is from mobile devices.

Taiwan is the #1 source of web traffic to Lenster, followed by US and Vietnam.

3/ Lens currently has 17.4k monthly active profiles (ie. profiles that made at least one post, comment or mirror that month)

4/ Last month users made 103k posts, 28k comments and 33k mirrors.

5/ 44% of lens profiles engage consistently for more than 3 weeks.

For more stats on Lens Protocol activity check out my Dune dashboard๐Ÿ‘‡


If you find the dashboard interesting please give it a starโœจ

Support: Engage with the matching Twitter thread to help spread the research!

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