Solana NFTs

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Solana NFTs

I crunched the data on the Solana NFT secondary markets. Here are 5 key insights I found 👇

1/ In May, Solana NFT secondary markets did $330M of trading volume.

2/ In May, Magic Eden accounted for 95% ($312M) of trading volume making it the biggest NFT marketplace on Solana.

OpenSea’s Solana platform had the second-largest marketshare with 5% ($16.5M).

3/ OpenSea’s total cross-chain volume still greatly exceeds Magic Eden’s volume.

But while OpenSea volume has trended down since the start of the year, Magic Eden’s volume has been growing.

4/ 186k wallets bought or sold an NFT on Solana secondary markets in May.

5/ The top-selling NFT collection of the month was Okay Bears which did 1M SOL trading volume in May.

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