Sales performance and pricing on Foundation

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Sales performance and pricing on Foundation

I crunched the data on Foundation NFT artists to learn about their sales performance and earnings. Here are three key insights I found 👇

[1/3] The average price of a Foundation NFT currently sits at 1.31 ETH. (Credit: Richard Chen the Crypto Data King. Long May He Reign 👑)

[2/3] 36% of all the NFTs minted on Foundation have been sold (24298 have been minted and 8737 sold).

[3/3] 5399 collectors have made at least one bid on a Foundation NFT (3458 have won an auction). 9261 artists have minted at least one NFT. That's a collector to artist ratio of 0.58.

Growing, and engaging with, the Foundation collector community will be key to the future growth of the platform.


2 out of the top 10 Foundation creators are meme legends, @PRguitarman creator of @NyanCat and @laina622 AKA Overly Attached Girlfriend. Buzzed to see creators who left such a huge impact on internet pop-culture finally capturing some of the value they created.


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