Otherdeed Mint Insanity⚡

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Otherdeed Mint Insanity⚡

The Otherdeed NFT drop had a mind-blowing impact on Ethereum history. Here are five charts that put the moment into perspective 👇

1/ Biggest trading day in the history of OpenSea with $476M in volume.

Credit: @richardchen39 (Archwizard of Dune🧙‍♂️⚡)

2/ Biggest ETH burn of any day since EIP-1559 went live. ETH was deflationary for 4 hours.

Credit: @MSilb7 (Oracle of Optimism🧙🔴)

3/ NFT aggregator volume all-time high of $43M.

Credit: @sohwak_official (The Wandering Shaman🔮)

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4/ Otherdeeds were the root of all this madness:

💀14k failed mint transactions that cost 1.6k ETH in gas

🗺️29k successful mint transactions that cost 60k ETH in gas

Credit: @takenstheorem (Master of Chains⛓️✨)

5/ During the mint, the median gas price of an Ethereum transaction was the highest its ever been. The new all-time high eclipsed anything we've seen before by a longshot.

Credit: @hildobby_ (Sorcerer Supreme of Stats🧙‍♂️✨)

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