Photography NFTs

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Photography NFTs

Photography is one of the categories of NFT art I have been most excited to see grow in popularity. Here is a breakdown of the 5 most successful photography collections on OpenSea.

5/ Bikes of Burden - Hans Kemp's cult collection of 130 motorized street beasts

Bikes of Burden #37. Hoses.

Total Trading Volume: $712k

Monthly Volume ($)

Highest Sale: 5 ETH

Unique Owners: 56

4/ Somewhere Else: A Collection of 100 Palms by Will Nichols

Somewhere Else: 085 - Palm Tree Mafia

Total Trading Volume: $1.1M

Monthly Volume ($)

Highest Sale: 5 ETH

Unique Owners: 77

3/ Beautiful Cities of the World by Trey Ratcliff

#5 - Singapore

Total Trading Volume: $1.6M

Monthly Volume ($)

Highest Sale: 11.1 ETH

Unique Owners: 55

2/ Where My Vans Go by Driftershoots

Where My Vans Go #97

Total Trading Volume: $5.2M

Monthly Volume ($)

Highest Sale: 56 ETH

Unique Owners: 92

1/ Twin Flames - Collection of 100 Twin Portraits by Justin Aversano

Twin Flames #29. Khpr Ka M Hru & Balense

Total Trading Volume: $15.1M

Monthly Volume ($)

Highest Sale: 207 ETH

Unique Owners: 85

Outside of working for hire with no creative freedom, photographers have two common paths to monetise their work. Selling their work to photostocks, a revenue source that is waning as free stock sites proliferate, or landing brand advertisement deals, which is only accessible to the creators with the largest social media followings.

NFTs offer a new path for photographers to build direct relationships with fans and fund their art.

Excited to watch this category flourish. I think marketplaces tailored to the photography use case like Sloika and Quantum Art are going to shine, similar to what we've seen with Catalog and music NFTs.

Parameters: Dollar values are based on the value of the cryptocurrency used in the sale at the time of sale.


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