The Best of Hic et Nunc

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The Best of Hic et Nunc


Hic Et Nunc is a platform that is both amazing to explore (lots of affordable artwork and great artists) and frustratingly limited (little information is available beyond the artwork listing).

Here are some valuable macro and micro-insights (collected on June 21st) to help you make sense of Hic Et Nunc before adding a piece to your collection 👇

Top 5 Artworks on HEN (All Time)

Highest quantity of sales

1. Window Still Life 066 (John Karel): 3,122 sales

2. VICES 6 Des Lucrèce Flavor (chemical messiah): 1,625 sales

3. Bounce 032 (Sam Burton): 1,426 sales

4. Window Still Life 055 (John Karel): 1,304 sales

5. CH3RNØN MV$K (Fiedler): 1,186 sales

Gross sales

1. hic et mea. (Pak): XTZ 15,984


3. Window Still Life 065 (John Karel): XTZ 6,916

4. Window Still Life 042 (John Karel): XTZ 4,856

5. Window Still Life 032 (John Karel): XTZ 4,792

Disclaimer: Two NFTs were excluded from the Gross Sales Top 5.

  • Blooming Bear (Anon) was excluded for being an obvious wash trade. That NFT was sold twice at the exact same price of XTZ 10,000, with two minutes between the sales.
  • Artist Buying Own NFT (Chris Cassano) was excluded because he really did buy his own NFT for XTZ 11,500 😅

Top 5 Fastest Growing NFTs of the last 30 days

Note: This list only includes artworks that were listed above 1XTZ. The list is ordered by the number of sales. Each of these NFTs saw their adjusted average price increase by 50%+ over the last 30 days.

1."Sink" (Henrikaau):

418 sales, +1,900% over the last 100 sales

2. ME FLYING AWAY WITH YOUR NFTS [N0012] (Max Capacity):  

277 sales, +100% over the last 100 sales

3. Velvetunnel (5AM):  

222 sales, +199% over the last 100 sales

4. Cave Painting animation (28/03/2021) (M Plummer-Fernández):  

207 sales, +500% over the last 100 sales

5. still nº01 (mbranson):  

169 sales, +189% over the last 100 sales

Top 5 NFTs that were minted on June 1st

Highest quantity of sales

1. Eggbibi - Habibi Tribute (Adamo): 124 sales

2. Crossroads (tenorless): 102 sales

3. QUBE#10 (tz1...UBYt): 54 sales

4. Filial duty (tz1...kHum): 1,304 sales

5. Window Megacity Downtown (FallaArt): 51 sales

Gross sales

1. Window Still Life 061 (John Karel): XTZ 2,980

2. "mint" gUmbino (tz1...WxiV): XTZ 322

3. I keep on finding things I wasn't looking for (Nate Hill): XTZ 312

4. QUBE#10 (tz1...UBYt): XTZ 284

5. "sunflower" gUmbino  (tz1...WxiV): XTZ 280

Macro Insight: A Glance at Small Editions vs. Big Editions

Since Hic et Nunc launched in March

NFTs that were editions of 10 or less:

  • Number of sales: 30,738
  • Gross sales: 466,447 XTZ
  • Average sale price: 15.17 XTZ  per edition.

NFTs that were editions of 100 or less:

  • Number of sales: 56,236
  • Gross sales: 1,364,988 XTZ
  • Average sale price: 24.27 XTZ  per edition.

NFTs that were editions of 1000 or more:

  • Number of sales: 1,587
  • Gross sales: 34,238 XTZ
  • Average sale price: 21.57 XTZ  per edition.

Micro Insight: Evaluating Market Price vs. Average Price for an Individual Artist

Even for top performing artists, there can be significant differences in prices from one artwork to the other. It’s well worth taking a look at each artwork’s sales history and general performance to spot potential deals.

For instance, here are the 5 John Karel NFTs where the current market price is the closest to the adjusted average. These are pieces you could buy if you’re really interested in collecting one of his artworks.

Here are his 5 artworks with the highest difference between market price and adjusted average. These are pieces you might consider selling if want some liquidity.

Disclaimer: Don't make buying and selling decisions solely on average price metrics. Those should only be one factor in a whole set of considerations you look at before making financial decisions!  Also, certain outlier events may make an average price metric less reliable, for example, an artist deciding to sell a piece to a good friend at a lower price than normal.  Do you connect with the artwork, what is the community surrounding that creator or project like, have you spoken to the artist to learn about their vision for the future .etc.; these are all things you should think about as well as the data.


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