The State of Foundation

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The State of Foundation

I crunched the data on the Foundation NFT marketplace to measure recent performance.

Here are 5 key insights I found 👇

1/ In February, Foundation trading volume was $11.1M, which is 43% down from the all-time high of October.

This isn't uniquely a Foundation problem, volumes in the visual art category of the NFT market have been declining since the year began.

2/ In February, the median sale price of a Foundation NFT was $909.

3/ Last week, Foundation added 'Buy Now' functionality to the marketplace. The median 'Buy Now' price set by artists using the new feature is 0.5ETH

4/ Foundation also enabled 'Offer' functionality last week. So far, the conversion rate on offers made by collectors is 27%

5/ Foundation had 2.6k active collectors (wallets that made a purchase) in February.


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