Art Blocks is Taking Over

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Art Blocks is Taking Over

Art Blocks is an NFT marketplace for generative art that's seen phenomenal growth this year. The Art Blocks ecosystem has 3 pillars. The Curated Collection, where artists selected by the curation board release their projects, the Playground, where Curated Collection artists can experiment with new projects, and the Factory, where non-curated artists can launch.

Each project is a multi-edition of pieces that are randomly generated at the moment of minting using an algorithm of the artist's design.  

Credit: Big thanks to @RantumBits. This newsletter is based on his stunningly beautiful data analysis work. A true Archmage 🧙. If you're a fan of Art Blocks and you're not following Rantum you're being irresponsible.

[1/6] Art Blocks NFTs have already done more secondary market volume this month than all the other months of this year combined. 19 days into August there has already been $139M of trades.

[2/6] In July, the Curated NFTs made up 74.5% of the secondary market volume for Art Blocks, followed by Playground at 16.5% and Factory at 9%.

[3/6] The Art Blocks projects with the highest all-time secondary market volume are Chromie Squiggles ($33M), Fidenzas ($28M) and Ringers ($17.6M)

[4/6] There are 12,534 Art Blocks collectors. The biggest holders of Art Blocks NFTs are:

0xc8...66f - 1655 pieces

0xd1...588 - 1009 pieces

@Vince_Van_Dough - 886 pieces

@jdh - 793 pieces

0x20...bbb - 699 pieces

[5/6] 46% of Art Blocks collectors own 1 Art Blocks NFT

[6/6] The three biggest AB sales all happened this month

14/8/21 - Chromie Squiggle #3784 sold for $2.4M

18/8/21 - Fidenza #723 sold for $2M

8/8/21 - Ringers #52 sold for $1.2M

There are lots of marketplaces trying to become the next OpenSea and provide everything for everyone. ArtBlocks has beaten a different path and proven that niche marketplaces that focus on a specific artists discipline or community will play a significant role in the future of the space.

Parameters: All $ amounts are based on the value of the ETH spent at the time of each sale.


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