A breakdown of the Zora NFT landscape

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A breakdown of the Zora NFT landscape

I crunched the data on the Zora NFT marketplace. Here are five interesting insights I found 👇

[1/1] 3,450 NFTs have been minted on Zora by 1,815 creators.

[2/5] The average sale price of an NFT on Zora currently sits at $1,470 (0.58 ETH at today’s price).

Note: This is last 100 sales moving average.

[3/5] There are 1,172 collectors who have made a bid on a Zora NFT and 537 who have had a bid accepted and purchased a Zora NFT.

[4/5] The average mint-rate of a creator on Zora is 0.24 mints per week and the median is 0.1.

The reason for this low mint-rate is that there a lot of 1 time minters on Zora (as of now, many of these users may mint more later). 1,260 of the 1,812 Zora creators have minted 1 NFT.

[5/5] The top collectors 10 Zora collectors account for 48% of all the trading volume on the platform.

Bonus: This week the original Doge photo is being auctioned on Zora for charity which I think is awesome! Always buzzed to see creators who have left such a huge impact on internet pop-culture finally capturing some of that value. Check it out the proceedings at very.auction

Atsuko Sato's original photo of her doge Kabosu

Article of the week

Connecting Polygon to the Multi-Chain World via Hop
Polygon will support liquidity on Hop via $MATIC liquidity mining

^ This week the Hop Protocol team announced their plans for a Polygon/Matic to Ethereum mainet token bridge that will allow users to move crypto between the chains in minutes rather than hours. If they manage to deliver on this promise it will be a huge deal for all the NFT projects that are choosing to build on Polygon for the faster transactions and lower gas fees.

Video of the week

^ Vitalik's latest interview is a must watch. Topics covered include:

  • How exactly ETH 2.0 scaling will work and how it will affect current users [factor of 10,000 scaling -> ETH moving from 15 transactions per second (tps) to 100,000s tps]
  • Vitalik's thoughts on Polygon/Matic
  • Vitalik's thoughts on the potential of NFTs to be used to support public goods


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