A breakdown of the OpenSea market landscape (April 2021)

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A breakdown of the OpenSea market landscape (April 2021)

I analyzed all the April 2021 OpenSea transactions to find out what collectors were spending and how they were spending. Here are five key insights I found 👇

[1/5] 77% of OpenSea purchases in April were in the $0-$1,000 price range.

[2/5] 52% of users who made a sale on OpenSea in April sold only 1 NFT that month. The chart below breaks down the distribution of creators who made a sale in April by quantity sold.

[3/5] 25% of users who made a sale on OpenSea in April had total earnings that month greater than $2,000 (before fees and gas).

[4/5] The user who made the greatest quantity of sales in April was @voxodeus. They sold 1,024 NFTs that month.

[5/5] The total transaction volume on OpenSea in April was $93.7M.


(1) Earnings in dollars are calculated using the price of the cryptocurrency used in the transaction at the time of sale.

(2) Dataset includes all NFT trades done on OpenSea regardless of where the NFT was minted.

(3) My breakdowns usually focus on NFT art, but the transactions in this dataset include every type of NFT that's traded on OpenSea, from game items to ENS names.

(4) Note that the ranges on the charts don't increase linearly; each is bigger than the last.

(5) If you are an OpenSea user and you did not make a sale in April, you are in the vast majority.

Don't panic.

This is normal.

You are not being left behind.


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