NFT artists with $100k+ in sales

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NFT artists with $100k+ in sales

I crunched the data on 100 artists who had hit $𝟭𝟬𝟬𝗸 in NFT sales (primary + secondary) to find out what they were creating, when they were making sales, and what scale of audience they had. Here are five key insights I found 👇🏾


  • These stats are based on the sale of NFTs that the artists minted on Foundation and/or SuperRare.
  • $ value of sales is based on the price of the cryptocurrency used at the time of sale.
  • Sample artists had $100k to $130k in total sales

1/ The most popular artistic medium amongst the $100k club is Animated 3D, with 30% of creators using this format.

2D art without animation is a close second at 19%, followed by Animated 2D at 18% and static 3D at 16%.

2/ The median average sale price of artists in the $100k club is $7,863.

3/ The median number of sales by NFT artists in the sample group, counting both primary and secondary sales, is 14.

4/ The average artist in the sample group started making NFT sales this year. The average time passed since first sale was 11 months.

5/ Artists in the $100k club who use Twitter have a median audience size of 4,851.

As the plot below shows, having a relatively larger audience did not have a proportionate effect on the average sales price. Artists with smaller and perhaps more engaged audiences earned just as much, if not more, from each NFT as their more popular counterparts.

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